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Emysharp Furniture: Your Gateway to Stylish Living in Nigeria!

Hey there, furniture enthusiasts! Looking to upgrade your home or office in Nigeria? Look no further than Emysharp Furniture, the ultimate destination for all your furniture needs in Abuja and Lagos and any part of Nigeria! We take pride in offering top-notch craftsmanship at pocket-friendly prices, making sure you get the best value for your money. From trendy modern designs to classic elegance, Emysharp Furniture has got it all covered!

Emysharp Furniture: Where Style Meets Functionality

Picture this: a beautiful design that successfully combine aesthetic appeal with practicality and usefulness. Emysharp Furniture, provides Home and office sets, that are visually appealing, incorporating elegant design elements while maintaining a functional layout and practical furniture choices. Our pieces are carefully curated, such that functionality doesn’t have to be sacrificed for style, and vice versa. The result is products and designs that not only look good but also enhance the user’s experience and meet their needs effectively.

Affordable Luxury – Because You Deserve It!

Who says luxury has to cost a fortune? At Emysharp Furniture, we believe that everyone deserves a touch of opulence in their lives. That’s why we offer a delightful selection of luxurious furniture at prices that won’t leave you gasping for air. Our showroom in Abuja and Lagos is a treasure trove of premium pieces that won’t break the bank, allowing you to indulge in a bit of extravagance without the guilt!

Crafted with Love, And Displayed Here in Abuja and Lagos!

As a proud Nigerian company, Emysharp Furniture takes immense pride in its Nigerian roots. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and talented team of craftsmen ensure that each piece we create exudes the essence of Nigerian artistry and skill. With a touch of local flair and a dash of global inspiration, our furniture stands out as a testament to our passion for creating beautiful spaces.

Tailor-Made Furniture for Your Unique Tastes

We get it – everyone has their own distinct style. That’s why Emysharp Furniture offers a bespoke furniture experience that caters for your individual taste and preferences. Whether you’re dreaming of a cozy sectional furniture that perfectly fits your living room, bedroom, kitchen, office or a sleek dining table that complements your culinary masterpieces, our design team is here to make your vision a reality!

Unlocking the Beauty of Abuja’s Great Outdoors

Emysharp Furniture embraces the natural beauty of Abuja’s outdoor spaces. Our durable and weather-resistant outdoor furniture collection is designed to elevate your garden or patio into a stylish oasis. Imagine hosting BBQ parties on elegant patio sets or lounging on comfortable outdoor sofas – with Emysharp Furniture, your outdoor living dreams come true!

Abuja and Lagos Living, Elevated

Abuja and Lagos, are they biggest cities of Nigeria, deserves nothing but the best in furniture. Emysharp Furniture’s Abuja and Lagos branch boasts of an exquisite range of living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and office furniture, and more. Transform your space into a luxurious haven with our ergonomic and stylish furniture – because you deserve a space that sparks joy!

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At Emysharp Furniture, we live and breathe furniture. Our passion shows in every piece we create. Whether you’re seeking the latest trends or timeless elegance, we’ve got the perfect furniture solution for you. Join us in elevating your living spaces and experience the joy of owning furniture that is functional, stylish and affordable. Come visit our showrooms or contact us today – we can’t wait to make your furniture dreams come true!

Emysharp Furniture and Interiors Nigeria: Elevating Living Spaces with Luxury and Modern Furniture Designs

Creating the Perfect Living Room with Emysharp Furniture and Interiors Nigeria

A home is a sanctuary that reflects the taste and personality of its occupants. One of the crucial elements that enhance the beauty and functionality of any living space is furniture. In Nigeria, Emysharp Furniture and Interiors stands as a prominent name, offering an exquisite range of luxury and modern furniture designs that transform living rooms into inviting havens.

Luxury Furniture in Nigeria: Redefining Elegance

Emysharp Furniture and Interiors Nigeria has earned a stellar reputation for its luxury furniture collection that exudes elegance and sophistication. Their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident in every piece, making them a preferred choice for homeowners with discerning tastes.

Revolutionizing Bedroom Aesthetics with Modern Bed Designs

The bedroom is a personal space, and the bed serves as its centerpiece. Emysharp Furniture and Interiors Nigeria offers a stunning range of modern bed designs that combine aesthetics and functionality. From sleek, minimalistic frames to luxurious, upholstered headboards, their collection caters to various style preferences.

Enhancing the Bed Dressing Design: Aesthetics and Comfort

A well-dressed bed can instantly elevate the ambiance of a bedroom. Emysharp Furniture and Interiors Nigeria understands this well and provides an array of bed dressing designs to complement their modern bed collection. From cozy throws and plush cushions to elegant bedspreads, they offer an exquisite selection to suit individual preferences.

Sitting Room Furniture Catalogue in Nigeria: A Treasure Trove of Choices

For the perfect sitting room, Emysharp Furniture and Interiors Nigeria presents a diverse sitting room furniture catalog. From contemporary designs that embrace clean lines to opulent pieces that exude grandeur, their collection caters to every taste and complements various interior themes.

Furniture Designs in Nigeria: Blending Tradition and Innovation

Nigeria boasts a rich heritage of craftsmanship and design. Emysharp Furniture and Interiors take pride in showcasing Nigeria’s traditional artistry through their furniture designs. By blending traditional techniques with modern innovation, they create unique pieces that celebrate the country’s cultural roots.

Modern Bedroom Furniture: Creating Serene Retreats

A bedroom should offer a serene retreat from the outside world, and modern bedroom furniture plays a pivotal role in achieving this. Emysharp Furniture and Interiors Nigeria’s collection includes bed frames with storage options, minimalist bedside tables, and chic wardrobes, all designed to maximize both aesthetics and functionality.

Caring for Your Home: A Guide to Long-lasting Furniture

A well-cared-for home is a happy home. Emysharp Furniture and Interiors Nigeria understands the significance of maintaining furniture for its longevity. To ensure their customers enjoy their investments for years to come, they offer expert advice on how to take care of the home with simple yet effective maintenance tips.

Nigerian Living Room Furniture: Blending Comfort and Style

Emysharp Furniture and Interiors Nigeria’s range of living room furniture captures the essence of Nigerian hospitality. By combining comfort and style, their pieces create inviting spaces for relaxation and socializing, fostering precious memories with family and friends.

Sitting Room Chairs in Nigeria: A Touch of Class

Sitting room chairs are essential elements that define the aesthetics of a living room. Emysharp Furniture and Interiors Nigeria’s exquisite collection of sitting room chairs embodies both elegance and comfort, ensuring that homeowners receive the best of both worlds.

Nigeria Bedroom Design: Personalizing Your Space

Emysharp Furniture and Interiors Nigeria acknowledges that every homeowner has unique preferences and needs. Their collection offers diverse bedroom designs, from contemporary chic to traditional opulence, allowing customers to personalize their spaces with ease.

Furniture Catalogue in Nigeria: An Array of Options

Emysharp Furniture and Interiors Nigeria’s extensive furniture catalogue caters to every room in the house, providing customers with endless choices. From bedroom to living room, dining to office spaces, their collection promises to transform houses into homes.

Living Room Furniture Nigeria: A Showcase of Elegance

The living room is the heart of a home, and Emysharp Furniture and Interiors Nigeria strives to make it an elegant one. Their living room furniture collection seamlessly merges style and comfort, offering an array of pieces to suit diverse tastes.

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Taking Care of Your House: Emysharp’s Handy Guide

Caring for one’s home is essential for preserving its beauty and functionality. Emysharp Furniture and Interiors Nigeria offers a practical guide on taking care of the house, ensuring that their customers enjoy their furniture for many years to come.


Emysharp Furniture and Interiors Nigeria has become synonymous with luxury, elegance, and quality in the world of furniture design. With their diverse range of modern and traditional pieces, they have successfully transformed countless living spaces, enriching the lives of homeowners across Nigeria. If you seek to elevate your home’s aesthetics and functionality, Emysharp Furniture and Interiors Nigeria should be your top choice. Visit their showrooms in Abuja and Lagos to experience their exquisite collection firsthand.

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7 tricks to make your home appear bigger

Emysharp blog

Living in a small home can be difficult, there just seems to be stuff everywhere at all times, and if, like me, you live in a modern house with a grand total of two cupboards, things can start to get really challenging. There are, however, a number of fairly easy ways to trick the eye into thinking a room is bigger than it is, create a feeling of space, and get your clutter under control. 

So here’s 7 easy ways to make your home appear bigger than it really is…
Trick the eye

There are lots of sneaky ways you can trick the eye:

For example, painting your ceiling and skirting boards the same colour as the walls, will work to blur the edges and give the illusion of more space. If you’re feeling brave, wallpapering the ceiling will draw the eye up, plus would create a really cool little feature too!

It might sound odd, but a big rug – once that extends under your furniture – will draw the eye wider, again creating the illusion of space.

Finally, you don’t need to fill all your space, leaving some areas clear will create an airy feel, and reduce things feeling cluttered. For example, don’t fill every shelf on a bookcase, creating what’s known as ‘negative space’.

2. Keep things simple

A few pieces of simple, un-fussy furniture, instead of lots of bits will free-up all important floor space. It’s a good idea to stay away from ‘bulky’ pieces that take up a lot of room – and sofas raised on legs will give the illusion of more space.

3. De-clutter regularly 
It’s funny how quickly you can ‘fill-up’ a house with all your belongings, but do you really need all that stuff that you seem to accumulate over the years? Regular clear-outs can make sure you use the space you have as effectively as possible. Ask yourself – would you buy that item now? If the answer is no, then it’s got to go – being ruthless is essential! I’ve previously shared easy ways to declutter your home here, and carry out a brutal spring clean once a year.

4. Give everything it’s own space 
Everything in your house should have its own space – and I mean in a drawer/storage box/basket, and not ‘on the floor’ or (as my husband’s car keys & wallet seems to favour) on top my carefully styled shoe cupboard in the hall. This makes it so much easier to keep surfaces and table tops clear, which again give the impression of having more space. Of course, it’s always nice to have some ‘pretty’ (and probably not-too-practical bits on show too!)

5. Let the light in
Maximising the light you have in your home is a sure-fire way of tricking the eye into thinking a space is bigger than it really is. I’ve used light colours throughout my home, which although may seem boring at times, has really transformed the space we have (just have a look at our lounge before and after its makeover for evidence of this!).

Heavy curtains make a room appear smaller, so opt for light and airy drapes which don’t block the natural light coming into a room  – I’ve got these bargain Ikea drapes in two of our bedrooms, or even better, how about some shutters? We’ve recently had some installed in our conservatory, however I’d have them all over the house if I could. 

If, like us, natural light is a bit of an issue in your home, how about a well-placed mirror? Placing mirrors opposite windows will help to bounce light around a room. Not only that, but a mirror naturally creates the illusion of having more space – so get one up in every room!

6. Storage is key
Storage can be the most important thing to get right – too much clutter can make even the biggest room feel tiny. I blogged previously about space-saving storage in small homes, and the tricks I use to ‘hide’ things away within my house, but one of the easiest ways to maximise storage is to think about every last opportunity to create space. What about using pretty baskets to store bits under the bed/on top of wardrobes/in awkward un-used corners? 

7. Make your storage work even harder
You can also ‘double-up’ on space within cupboards – we keep all our paperwork and documents in a filing cabinet hidden away in our coat cupboard by the front door, and have installed shelves in the cupboard under-stairs cupboard to store yet more junk.

Also, I use drawer dividers to squeeze as many clothes as possible in each drawer, and hanging items on the back of doors, and using storage boxes in that unused bit at the bottom of a wardrobe can also work really well.

Hope this has been helpful, and given you some ideas on how to make your home feel more spacious. What other tricks or tips do you use when living in a small space?

5 Best ways to take care of your house

Whenever you mention the words “take care of your home” most people think of the technical and complex home maintenance. While the technical personnel play a significant role in home maintenance, taking care of a home is primarily every person’s responsibility. There are roles that everyone can partake to maintain a clean, healthy and sustainable environment in our homes and the surrounding.

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What it’s like to be an interior designer (and What You Need to Know Before You Do)

Image: zhu difeng/Shutterstock

Some people have a knack for design. If you find decorating rooms and arranging furniture easy and fun, a career in interior design might be right for you. But before you start dreaming of room makeovers, consider first how to become an interior designer.

Interior designers, like any professionals, face challenges every day. And while some may not appeal to you, others may motivate and excite you. Let’s take a look at how to become an interior designer, and things you should know before you sign up for classes.

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Emysharp Interiors 10 Tips for Home Renovation Projects

1. Create Your Renovation Wishlist

Before you start renovating your home, it’s important to consider exactly what you want in order to gauge how extensive the home renovation will be. What is the goal of your renovation:

– Are you making better use of space for your family to enjoy for years to come?
– Or are you improving your home to increase its real estate value?

Sketch out your vision while deciding your renovation wants and needs. You should also do your research on your neighborhood to determine what projects would be a good return on investment and which ones would be less valuable to you in the long run. And when you make your list, prioritize your wants and needs. Having a detailed list of your desires, and what will make the most impact on your life at home, makes it easier to decide how best to allocate your money, as well as how best to move forward in case any surprises come up in the process. 

2. Set Your Renovation Budget 

Setting a budget and sticking to it is key during a large renovation process.  It is best practice to set aside a contingency fund for unplanned repairs and unexpected costs, and expect to use it. Also, plan on the indirect renovation cost that might arise during the renovation, like dining out more, or staying in a hotel for a few nights. When you work with a reputable contractor, they should have a system for keeping costs, and any changes to expenses, in line with their estimates.

3. Do Your Research

When preparing for a large home renovation, it’s important to know what you are getting yourself into, especially if this is your first time. Talk with friends and family who have completed renovations in the past and see what they struggled with and how they overcame certain obstacles. Read up on best practices and tips for going through a renovation. The contractor you choose should be a great resource, but it is best to already have a solid grasp on the ins and outs of the renovation process before getting to that point. 

4. Hire a Reputable Contractor

Speaking of contractors, the very first tip should be to find a qualified one that is capable of bringing your dreams to life. However we know this usually occurs to homeowners after they’ve dreamed of the possibilities. Keep in mind that a great contractor may also offer some possibilities  that you hadn’t considered.

During the selection process, check out reviews and see what their past clients say about their work and service. Schedule a consultation to discuss your project and ask your contractor questions. You will want your contractor to be a partner in this process that knows the best ways to achieve what you want within your budget. A reputable contractor will be able to present solutions to the issues you have with your home, based on their experience.  They can also point out structural enhancements that can improve the energy use and functionality of your home long term. 

5. Understand Neighborhood Bylaws & Permitting

Once you have settled on your renovation team, it’s time to delve deeper into your scope of work. There may be ordinances from your neighborhood or HOA associated with home additions, lot lines and more that can alter your original plans. As the homeowner, you can research if any of these exist and share the information with your contractor. However, when you work with a reputable contractor, they should handle the process of obtaining the proper building permits in your area. 

6. Understand Your Timeline 

When planning the timeline of your renovation, take into consideration upcoming holidays and events you would like your home to be ready by. It is best to set your end date and plan backward, being realistic and planning for extra time if possible in the case of delays or additional repairs. Your contractor will guide you on how the season can affect or delay any building plans.

7. Pack Up and Declutter

This may sound overly simple but packing your things up and decluttering your renovation zone is one of our most important tips. Not only does it protect your possessions from being damaged but your renovation team can do their work more quickly and efficiently without your things in the way. For a renovation spanning your entire home, consider renting an offsite storage unit to keep your items safe and out of the way. 

8. Protect Kids and Pets

Another important aspect when renovating your house is to think about your children and pets. While a renovation may be intriguing for your kids who want to get in and play and watch, it can be dangerous. Ensure you have gates and the proper safety equipment installed to keep adventurous toddlers from roaming through a construction site, and the same goes for pets. You may want to consider getting a pet sitter for longer projects to ensure your furry family members are safe. 

9. Don’t Focus on Trends

It’s very easy to get entranced by the latest trends. While it’s great to gather inspiration from trendy design ideas, they may not stand the test of time. When it comes to a home renovation, you want to ensure you will love the finished product for a long time, so it’s best to choose timeless designs, and decorate with of-the-moment decor that you can easily update as the times change. 

10. Plan Ahead for Life During Renovation

Will you be staying at your home while the renovation takes place, or will you move to a hotel? Your timeline and cost are huge factors when making this decision. Many homeowners opt for staying at home if they can, however, it can be a difficult time to get through. Renovations are often uncomfortable, leaving you with loud noises, dust, and more, to deal with in your home. Consider your routine and work with your contractor on the best times to do certain tasks for a smoother transition. One of the best things you can do is designate a renovation-free zone where you and your family can escape to for some peace. 

Renovating Your Home with Emysharp Interiors

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