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At Emysharp Luxury Furniture & Interiors, we offer high-quality furniture at affordable prices in Abuja and Lekki, Lagos. As a prominent interior design company, we collaborate with leading designers to curate exclusive collections for our customers. Each designer and collaborator at Emysharp brings their own unique talent, expertise, and passion to the table. It is this exceptional blend of skills that is evident in the meticulously chosen selection of furniture we offer.

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How we work at EMYSHARP Furniture

Proven Process for the best result.

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Looking for custom upholstery and finish options? Searching for a specific piece? From selecting fabrics to coordinating the look, we can help bring your unique style to life.


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We share your love of extraordinary design and look forward to collaborating with you. Let us guide you through your project, from mood boards to space planning and customization, for free.


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Our team offers personalized advice every step of the way, with one-on-one assistance. We’re committed to helping you until you’re completely satisfied with your beautiful space.

Luxury Quality Furniture at Affordable Prices in Abuja and Lagos Nigeria
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About our company

EmySharp Furniture & Interiors is a renowned luxury furniture brand in Nigeria, recognized for its exceptional blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. We are dedicated to creating furniture designs that embody a true classic contemporary style while ensuring impeccable quality. Our primary goal is to bring joy to those who own our furniture, and we strive to offer the best possible prices without compromising on excellence.

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Our Interior Design Service is completely tailored to you

From the far flung corners of the globe to right here in Nigeria, We have Luxury Quality Furniture at Affordable Prices in Abuja and Lagos. Our products take inspiration from all manner of homes and cultures. Whatever your preferred style, be it modern or traditional, our furniture and designs easily transcend different schemes.

Replicate whole looks if you so wish or simply select certain elements to create your own unique design.

At Emysharp, Our Interior Design Service is completely tailored to you. Our designers will help from start to finish, providing a hands-on approach in which everything is delivered to your door and, in the case of larger projects, fully installed.


Amazing team with international recognition

Emilian Anyaeche is a highly accomplished and skillful businesswoman known for her exceptional leadership, strategic acumen, and innovative thinking. She is a visionary businesswoman renowned for her groundbreaking ideas, forward-thinking strategies, and transformative impact on the business landscape.
Founder/ CEO
Dr. Emilian Anyaeche

Dr. Emilian Anyaeche

Anthony Chidiebere Itumo is a dedicated and results-driven Director at Emysharp Nigeria Limited With a remarkable career spanning over two decades in the furniture industry, his leadership and strategic vision have played a pivotal role in driving the company's growth and success.
Anthony Chidiebere Itumo

Anthony Chidiebere Itumo

Kingsley Anyaeche is a director at Emysharp Nigeria Limited known for his exceptional leadership, innovative thinking, and transformative impact on a global scale. A graduate with BSc. in computer science, he has a passion for pushing the boundaries of technology and contributing to the advancement of the field.
Kingsley Anyaeche

Kingsley Anyaeche

Marycynthia Chidinma Anyaeche is an aspiring criminal law professional that has taken on leadership roles in Emysharp Nigeria Limited as a Director. Her sole aim is to ensure that Emysharp Nigeria Limited navigate legal complexities while maintaining ethical practices.
Marycynthia Chidinma Anyaeche

Marycynthia Chidinma Anyaeche

Ralph Nnebo is a versatile and adept brand, communication, and marketing expert renowned for his strategic prowess, creative flair, and comprehensive approach to shaping brand narratives and elevating brand identities
Brand/Communication Expert
Ralph Nnebo

Ralph Nnebo

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