Marycynthia chidinma Anyaeche

Marycynthia chidinma Anyaeche

Her skills include:

Legal Research and Analysis
Contract Drafting and Review
Corporate Governance
Intellectual Property Law
Communication and Negotiation
Non-Profit Compliance and Governance

Her personal Qualities:

Empathetic and Compassionate
Strong Work Ethic
Analytical Thinker
Collaborative Team Player

MaryCynthia Chidinma Anyaeche is a dedicated law student who combines her passion for criminal law with her commitment to Emysharp Nigeria Limited and charity work, aiming to create a positive impact on both the corporate world and the community at large.

Marycynthia chidinma Anyaeche is an aspiring criminal law professional that has taken on leadership role in Emysharp Nigeria Limited as a Director. Her soul aim is to ensure that Emysharp Nigeria Limited navigate legal complexities while maintaining ethical practices. Marycynthia chidinma Anyaeche has a profound passion for criminal law and its impact on individuals’ rights and the broader legal system. Alongside her interest in criminal law, she possesses a strong interest in business and commerce. She recognizes the importance of understanding legal aspects related to contracts, corporate governance, and entrepreneurship.  

Her interest is driven by a desire to comprehend the legal intricacies that businesses encounter while ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. Her long-term goal includes advocating for legal frameworks that encourage corporate social responsibility. She actively connects with professionals in both the legal and business sectors to broaden her understanding of the dynamic relationship between law and commerce.


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