7 tricks to make your home appear bigger

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7 tricks to make your home appear bigger

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Living in a small home can be difficult, there just seems to be stuff everywhere at all times, and if, like me, you live in a modern house with a grand total of two cupboards, things can start to get really challenging. There are, however, a number of fairly easy ways to trick the eye into thinking a room is bigger than it is, create a feeling of space, and get your clutter under control. 

So here’s 7 easy ways to make your home appear bigger than it really is…
Trick the eye

There are lots of sneaky ways you can trick the eye:

For example, painting your ceiling and skirting boards the same colour as the walls, will work to blur the edges and give the illusion of more space. If you’re feeling brave, wallpapering the ceiling will draw the eye up, plus would create a really cool little feature too!

It might sound odd, but a big rug – once that extends under your furniture – will draw the eye wider, again creating the illusion of space.

Finally, you don’t need to fill all your space, leaving some areas clear will create an airy feel, and reduce things feeling cluttered. For example, don’t fill every shelf on a bookcase, creating what’s known as ‘negative space’.

2. Keep things simple

A few pieces of simple, un-fussy furniture, instead of lots of bits will free-up all important floor space. It’s a good idea to stay away from ‘bulky’ pieces that take up a lot of room – and sofas raised on legs will give the illusion of more space.

3. De-clutter regularly 
It’s funny how quickly you can ‘fill-up’ a house with all your belongings, but do you really need all that stuff that you seem to accumulate over the years? Regular clear-outs can make sure you use the space you have as effectively as possible. Ask yourself – would you buy that item now? If the answer is no, then it’s got to go – being ruthless is essential! I’ve previously shared easy ways to declutter your home here, and carry out a brutal spring clean once a year.

4. Give everything it’s own space 
Everything in your house should have its own space – and I mean in a drawer/storage box/basket, and not ‘on the floor’ or (as my husband’s car keys & wallet seems to favour) on top my carefully styled shoe cupboard in the hall. This makes it so much easier to keep surfaces and table tops clear, which again give the impression of having more space. Of course, it’s always nice to have some ‘pretty’ (and probably not-too-practical bits on show too!)

5. Let the light in
Maximising the light you have in your home is a sure-fire way of tricking the eye into thinking a space is bigger than it really is. I’ve used light colours throughout my home, which although may seem boring at times, has really transformed the space we have (just have a look at our lounge before and after its makeover for evidence of this!).

Heavy curtains make a room appear smaller, so opt for light and airy drapes which don’t block the natural light coming into a room  – I’ve got these bargain Ikea drapes in two of our bedrooms, or even better, how about some shutters? We’ve recently had some installed in our conservatory, however I’d have them all over the house if I could. 

If, like us, natural light is a bit of an issue in your home, how about a well-placed mirror? Placing mirrors opposite windows will help to bounce light around a room. Not only that, but a mirror naturally creates the illusion of having more space – so get one up in every room!

6. Storage is key
Storage can be the most important thing to get right – too much clutter can make even the biggest room feel tiny. I blogged previously about space-saving storage in small homes, and the tricks I use to ‘hide’ things away within my house, but one of the easiest ways to maximise storage is to think about every last opportunity to create space. What about using pretty baskets to store bits under the bed/on top of wardrobes/in awkward un-used corners? 

7. Make your storage work even harder
You can also ‘double-up’ on space within cupboards – we keep all our paperwork and documents in a filing cabinet hidden away in our coat cupboard by the front door, and have installed shelves in the cupboard under-stairs cupboard to store yet more junk.

Also, I use drawer dividers to squeeze as many clothes as possible in each drawer, and hanging items on the back of doors, and using storage boxes in that unused bit at the bottom of a wardrobe can also work really well.

Hope this has been helpful, and given you some ideas on how to make your home feel more spacious. What other tricks or tips do you use when living in a small space?

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